Swift 64

Swift is an aeronautical communications service that offers high quality data, voice, and fax at speeds up to 64 kbps. Users can choose Swift's Mobile ISDN service for quick transfer of large data files or Mobile Packet Data Service for bursty data applications such as Internet access and e-mail. Swift also provides high- and low-speed voice communications.In its basic 64kbps-per-channel form, Swift 64 provides ample bandwidth for applications such as high-quality voice, email, internet and intranet access, large file transfer and videoconferencing.

Data rates can be increased to 256kbps through channel bonding and even further through data compression. The service offers ISDN and packet data and is readily integrated with ground-based networks.

Swift 64 avionics are compatible with Inmarsat's Aero H / H+ high-gain antennas and onboard infrastructure, which are already installed on many airliners and corporate jets. This makes it a very economical upgrade from earlier Inmarsat services.

Key benefits:

  • Can be configured to operate with almost any application supported by terrestrial-based networks.
  • Can be used with Aero H/H+ aircraft antenna.
  • Operates globally within the Inmarsat spot beam coverage area


Currently, Swift 64 uses the spot beams of the Inmarsat-3 (I-3) satellites and the I-4 AOR satellite. When the I-4 Americas satellite (formerly the I-4 AOR) is deactivated during the repositioning process, Swift 64 traffic in the AOR will be transferred permanently back to the I-3. At this time, Inmarsat will optimise the I-3 spot beam coverage in the AOR-W.