In remote locations and during emergencies, people are often unable to communicate, share critical data, or call for help. The carry‐on sized OODAkit solves this lingering problem.

Rugged and quickly deplorable, it keeps people communicating even when no other networks are available–with global coverage, affordable access, and ease of use.

MVS offers a fully integrated solution with the following features:

  • Rugged Carry‐On Case—Built for harsh environments and demanding travel, the kit’s durable roller case houses all components in a state of readiness for fast deployment.
  • Broadband Satellite—When terrestrial networks aren’t available, the OODAkit accesses a global satellite broadband network powered by Inmarsat BGAN (data rates up to 492kbps). After a 5‐minute setup, users can make calls and share data without terrestrial cellular or broadband availability.
  • Application Server with VoIP and Mobile Phone Support—Instant access to critical applications and content with Internet access, file transfer, and email optimized for satellite use. This Linux‐based network‐addressable appliance with our unique software also enables cell phone users to make calls in the absence of cellular service or coverage. Users may add applications for remote deployments or field operations.
  • Long‐Range Phones—Rugged cordless phones enable reliable calling regardless of the state of local infrastructure. Coverage is rated at 3,000 acres, 250,000 sq. ft. inside, and up 12 stories. Long‐range push‐to‐talk, broadcasting, and text messaging are simultaneously supported. Standard OODAkit includes 4 handsets (more available).