Fleet 77

The SAILOR® 77 Fleet+ transceiver is part of the Inmarsat Fleet family of maritime services, supporting both the high quality and speed of a full 64 kbps or 128 kbps (128kbps in spot beam only) ISDN service, and the flexibility of MPDS (Mobile Packet Data Service). With MPDS, you are charged only for the amount of information sent and received, rather than for the time connected.

The SAILOR Fleet77 is the most powerful hub for maritime communication. Connect phones, payphones, DECT phones and fax machines and enjoy superior quality service. And via an IP router the SAILOR Fleet77 terminal can integrate the vessel with onshore management systems via the Web, aside from providing e-mail and Internet services to crew and management. The system is accompanied by user-friendly software, which enables simple configuration from a standard PC.


  • Fixed maritime solution for high-speed and cost-effective voice and data communications
  • Choose between either MPDS or 64 kbps ISDN
  • Consists of a transceiver, antenna and handset
  • Suitable for all types of vessel 50ft and larger
  • Worldwide coverage