Antena SATCOM 2576LW


Part #: MVS2576LW

Unit Price: $ 6,648.00

The -MVS2576LW is a lightweight, directional, 3 element cross-Yagi SATCOM antenna
designed to operate from 240 MHz to 318 MHz. The antenna exhibits excellent gain and
low VSWR for its small size. It maintains superior performance throughout the band and
is designed for quick deployment in theater. The MVS2576LW is supplied with 2 director
sets, a mounting tripod, one or two 12.5 foot RF cables, and a rugged storage bag.
The antenna meets Mil-Std-810 Environmental specifications including vibration,
shock and operational/storage temperature.


Antena SATCOM 3240


Part #: MVS3240

Unit Price: $ 5,330.00

The MVS3240 is a high gain, portable UHF SATCOM antenna. The right-hand circular
polarized (RHCP) antenna is designed to operate from 240 – 318 MHz at 200 Watts CW.
The antenna is designed with exceptionally high gain, low VSWR, and rapid deployment.
The antenna complies with MIL-STD-810G environmental standards for vibration, shock,
temperature, loose cargo and immersion. The antenna is capable of operating in winds of up
to 80 MPH. The MVS3240 is supplied with 2 director sets (EXT- 3240), a mounting tripod (TP-3240),
two 12.5 foot RF cables (CB-3240), and a rugged storage bag (BG-3240). The MVS3240-101 is supplied
with a Type N Female connector instead of the Type N Male standard connector.