Managed Network Services

MVS FIrewall Service

The firewall service is designed to block unauthorized incoming traffic while permitting only the relevant outward communication. It is a set of devices configured to permit or deny some or all computer traffic between different internet domains based upon a set of rules and other criteria. firewall works on the following principles:

You either Allow or prohibit all internet services

* If all services are allowed, you can enter a list of individual prohibited services
* If all services are prohibited, you can enter a list of individual allowed services makes life easier by supplying a predefined set of rules for commonly used internet services

* Standard web browsing service HTTP
* Standard FTP services
* FlyCarrier Service
* Victoria service
* NetMeeting compressed video service

You can setup traffic filters only on outgoing IP communications from your BGAN/Fleetbroadband/SwiftBroadband or OpenPort mobile satellite terminal. This Value Added Service is designed to keep your system safe.


MVS Group now offers Co-Location services in its Rack Facilities at 60 Hudson, NYC and Amsterdam, Netherlands. CoLo services are targeted to:

Satcom service users:

- VAS and VAR providers wishing to offer services via the MVSGlobalnet for Inmarsat, Iridium or VSat .
- Customers wishing to have private servers and specialized features added to their network interface with the MVS Group
- virtual POP services or a private APN on the MVS Group network for closed user group usage

Internet SP's
- virtual POP services on the MVS Group network for direct to Internet access.