Data Carrier Services

The newest data transmission and compression system, MVS Fly Carrier, dramatically reduces the cost of e-mail exchange and is perfectly suited both for land and maritime users.

MVS’ Fly Carrier solution addresses the specific needs of crew members enabling them to establish and maintain rapid and cost-effective e-mail communication in all directions:

  • ship-to-shore
  • shore-to-ship
  • ship-to-ship

MVS Fly Carrier provides an advanced and easy-to-use e-mail service which is available in all Ocean Regions, using Inmarsat-B, M, Mini-M, Fleet, GAN, FBB /BGAN terminals, and other IP based communication channels.

MVS Fly Carrier can be used with any customary e-mail program (Outlook, Outlook Express, The Bat, Mozilla Thunderbird and others)It also allows the user to create up to 200 individual e-mail accounts, with a password-protected secure inbox and requires no additional hardware, software, or server operation or maintenance.

MVS Fly Carrier ensures significant time & cost savings and automatically compresses all incoming and outgoing messages up to 90%. It provides complete traffic & cost management information and the price of each message is displayed prior to transmission.

An account history log includes all costs incurred, which makes it easier for the Administrator to budget and control expenditures along with user sets optimal channel (satellite, dial-up, Iridium etc.) and mode of file transmission (MPDS/ISDN, etc.)

Carry on to save money with MVS FLY CARRIER.